Boston Rusto Thins

Not compatible with All Montana Colors Sprays.

These caps pretty much speak for themselves. They are magical, virtually eliminating the classic Rusto valve stutter problem and also have a nice low pressure feel.

Spray Type: THIN (0.5-1.5″ Radius, clean and solid line)

Cap Sex: MALE
Valve Sex: FEMALE

Recommended Uses: detail work, outlines, borders, highlights, hand styles

Compatible Brands:

Rustoleum Stops Rust, Rustoleum PT 2X, and Rustoleum American Accents male valve cans w/use of an Adapter (We recommend UPROK or Classic Adapters)
Pre-360 Krylon
Pre-Male Valve Rustoleum Brands
Is not compatible with new HC2, 94, Speed or Alien)
American off-brands

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