The Everyday Marker Treat.

FULL METAL PAINT 200 is synonym of bright glossy colors and maximum opacity. Supplied in a shockproof plastic bottle, is the top choice for refilling the whole range of GROG Blue Label markers.
FULL METAL PAINT 200 comes filled with 200 ml of an alcohol-based pigmented paint, optimized for SQUEEZER markers, due to its perfect balance between opacity and flow. Ideal for outdoor sessions, works great on dark surfaces.

New Formula: Higher Opacity / Improved Flow / Easier Shaking

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Death Black
Ferrari Red
Diving Blue
Neon Orange
Bogota White
Piggy Pink
Obitory Green
Neon Green
Flash Yellow
Jellifish Fushia
Laser Green
Neon Fushia
Sunray Yellow
Goldrake Purple
Burning Chrome
Klondike Gold
Clockwork Orange
Ice Blue
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